Climate and vegetation in the Middle East: inter-annual variability and drought feedbacks.

Zaitchik, B.F., J.P. Evans, R.A. Geerken and R.B. Smith
Journal of Climate, 20: 3924-3941, 2007.


The Euphrates Plain (EP) experiences large interannual variability in vegetation cover, especially in areas of marginal rain-fed agriculture. Vegetation in this region is primarily limited by available soil moisture, as determined by winter precipitation, spring precipitation, and air temperature. Satellite analyses indicate that the springtime normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is negatively correlated with surface albedo, and that interannual variability in albedo in the EP produces an estimated forcing on the radiation balance that peaks at 16.0 W m−2 in May.
Simulations with a regional climate model indicate that surface energy fluxes during a drought year (1999) differed substantially from those during a year with normal precipitation (2003). These differences were geographically specific, with the EP exhibiting increased albedo and decreased sensible heat flux while the neighboring Zagros Plateau region showed no albedo effect, a large increase in sensible heat flux, and an offsetting reduction in latent heat flux. In both the EP and the Zagros there was a potential for positive feedbacks on temperature and drought in late spring, though the most likely feedback mechanisms differed between the two regions: in the EP surface brightening leads to cooling and reduced turbulent heat flux, while in the Zagros region reduced latent heat flux leads to warming and a deepening of the planetary boundary layer.

Key Figure

land feedbacks

Figure 12: Surface processes relevant to drought–precipitation forcings in the EP and NZ (schematic): symbols as defined in Table 1. Solid gray line represents the height of the PBL under nondrought conditions and the dashed line represents the height of the PBL during drought. The black line is the land surface.

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