The GEWEX Science Questions and Latin American and Carribean Climate Research.

P. van Oevelen, S. Benedict, J. Evans, J. Polcher
WCRP conference for Latin America and the Caribbean: Developing, linking and applying climate knowledge. Montevideo, Uruguay, March 17-21, 2014.


As result of the reorganization of the World Climate Research Programme as a whole the Global Energy and Water Exchanges (GEWEX) project has also been subject to considerable changes mostly in its focus areas called the GEWEX Science Questions (GSQs). Observation of the energy and water exchanges and states at various scales is critical in predicting changes in our environment and managing these. Changes will have direct consequences for our natural and social environment e.g. for our water resources. Within GEWEX the global energy and water cycle is the main focus of attention. Changes at the global scale will have consequences at the regional scale and vice versa. The GEWEX Science Questions must be specific and focused, while identifying ways to advance the science, and it must resonate among agencies, program managers, and the public. These Challenges must also provide vehicles to encourage the different GEWEX panels to interact in pursuing a common goal and provide a way forward that is tractable, (e.g., via new observations and computer and model advancements). It must also address possible benefits and impacts and links to issues related to food, water, health, energy, and biodiversity. Four GEWEX Science Questions (GSQs) have been identified where progress can be made and the science community believes are ripe for progress provided that adequate resources are provided. Some prospects for advancement are already paid for and likely to occur, but others require agencies to step up to fund such advances. International coordination via GEWEX can makes the whole greater than the sum of its parts. Observations and Predictions of Precipitation Global Water Resource Systems Changes in Extremes Water and energy cycles In this presentation a short overview of the various science themes will be explored and in particular the relationship to climate science activities in Latin America and the Carribean are highlighted. New ideas for initiatives in the region as follow on to activities such as the La Plata Basin and LBA Regional Hydroclimate Projects will be shown.

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